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Robots, robots everywhere !

Want to be part of it?
Then join us for an legen-(wait for it)-dary summer course !
Not only will you learn about them but you will be given the chance to actually control and work on mobile robots.
Be the next Tony Stark !
Robots are, after all, one of the greatest achievement of the century and it's far from being over !
More than robots, our future !

And what a better place to do that than Belgium?
(And our world-wide famous national Manneken Pis)
And more specifically Louvain-la_Neuve !
(Yes, you can google "24 heures vélo de Louvain-la-Neuve" if you need to be convinced it's one of the coolest place on Earth !)

Yes, we might be a small country but we are a MIGHTY one !
Be ready for the BEST fries ever, the BEST beers, the BEST chocolate !
But also the craziest parties you'd normally only hear about !
You sure won't want to miss a thing !

Ready for this AMAZING 9 days full of party-ness, mad-ness, thisIsTheBestTimeOfMyLife-ness?
We want YOU to be part of it ! You won't regret it !
Don't be shy and apply !