BEST LLN is part of the GCI (Grand Cercle Industriel) organisation, under the name CECI-BEST.

The GCI is divided in 4 parts. The 3 other divisions are:

CI (Cercle Industriel):

Division which is the Students Association of the EPL (École Polytechnique de Louvain). It gathers students from Louvain-La-Neuve, who are studying engineering, architecture and computer science. Their purpose is to organise animation for the students, but also to guide them, and help them in their studies.

CCII (Contact Cercle Industriel Industries) :

Division responsible of the organisation of the « bal des ingénieurs », of conferences about Employment/Jobs,of visits in companies and meetings between the students and the companies.

SICI (Service d’Impression du Cercle Industriel) :

Division in charge of the distribution of support for the courses of the EPL. They sell syllabuses and books needed for the studies to all the students of the EPL at prices that could not be lower