General Assembly – May 2015

Voting time !

This week, BEST LLN had its second and last General Assembly of the year.

We voted our new members and alumni…

…and elected the 25th board of Louvain-la-Neuve :

  • President : Dani Manjah
  • Secretary : Valentin Moëns
  • Treasurer : Estelle Courtois
  • Vice-President for Public Relations : Morgane Daras
  • Vice-President for Human Ressources : Antoine Dobbels
  • Vice-President for Financial Ressources : Arthur Leveau

We also elected our external events main organisers:

  • Summer Course Main Organisers : Marie Donner and Razvan Ursu
  • EBEC LLN Main Organiser : Renaud Danniau

Congratulations to all of them ! We wish them the BEST for this year to come !