Joint Board Training

BEST is not only active in External events (towards non BEST members), but is also active for internal members.

One of these events is what we call a Joint Board training.

In one week-end, we gather all the leading people from the local BEST groups in Belgium & Netherlands and we spent time together.


During this weekend trainings are organised to improve our members’ soft skills.

These trainings included: ‘Leadership, Human Resources, Getting to know BEST, Strategic Management,…’

« It’s crazy how much we learn in such a short while…Especially with our friends involved! » [JBT participant 2014]


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In constant urge to improve ourselves, sharing sessions are organised. During these sessions different Local BEST groups around belgium share their strengths, weakness and how they cope with it.

« I thought I was the only one having these problems. After this weekends, I realised I’m not the only one and THERE ARE ways to solve them easily »


Joint Board Trainings is just one of the many internal events organised by BEST to not only improve ourselves, but to also make us help improve others.

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