BEST, Board of European Students of Technology is a constantly growing non-profit and non-political organisation. Since 1989 BEST has been providing communication, cooperation and exchange opportunities for students all over Europe.

96 Local BEST Groups in 33 countries are creating a growing, well-organised, powerful, young and innovative student network. More than 4800 members are involved in the day-to-day development of our services and almost one million students are reached through our events and initiatives.

The goal

BEST promotes « Empowered diversity » and helps European students of technology become more internationally minded, by reaching a better understanding of European cultures and developing the ability to work and volunteer in a global environment. Technical students are given the opportunity to broaden their knowledge in topics which complement their technical education. BEST is creating the context in which students can share knowledge by organising academic courses, leisure events, engineering competitions, educational symposiums, training events and cultural exchanges. On the other hand, BEST also strives to broaden the job market horizons through career related events (job fairs, company days, workshops) and an international career center. Last but not least, BEST has developed its own training system; therefore its members have also the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge by participating in training events on technical and soft skills.

The identity

BEST helps students to achieve an international mindset, to reach a better understanding of cultures and societies and to develop the capacity to work in culturally diverse environments. BEST creates opportunities for personal development of students and supports them in reaching their full potential.BEST is also characterized by its spirit. Our five values are flexibility, friendship, fun, improvement and learning.

The activities

Our core activity is to provide complementary education for students to the one provided by the universities. Futhermore, we provide career support by connecting students with their future employers. And Finally, increasing educational involvement is also one of our activities. We try to enhance the awareness of students on issues related to engineering education and improve engineering education through the input of those students.

Our Local BEST Group

The local BEST group of Louvain-la-Neuve was one of the 18 universities that founded BEST. It has already organized a general assembly and a president’s meeting in additions to many courses and local competitions. Also called Contacts Europe Cercle Industriel (CECI), our team helps the faculty with everything related to international matters.

Being a member of BEST Louvain-la-Neuve does not only mean to take responsibilities. Our first objective is to enjoy doing what we do. We participate to events, travel and develop ourselves through trainings and projects, but we always make sure that we stay a group of friends.

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