Summer Course

BEST helps students to achieve an international mindset, to reach a better understanding of cultures and societies and to develop the capacity to work in culturally diverse environments.

What is a Summer Course?

A local BEST group invites 22 technology students from over ~15 countries in Europe. During ~10 days these students are invited to discover BEST on an educational, cultural, company & team-spirit level.



  • « I never expected it to be so good. It really passed all my expectations. The organizers did a really great job. » [Summer course participant 2014]
  • « It was my first BEST course and I very very liked it. Course in LLN was organised perfectly both academic and free-time activities parts. » [Summer course participant 2013]

A summer course handles around 4 axes.

The first one is education. All participants are students eager to learn something about a new technology or a domain they’re not acquianted with. Therefor, univercity teachers are invited to give ‘classes’ (max 3h a day, weekends not included) which can take the form of company visits, site visits, presentations, laboratory work,… These are always on interesting topics chosen by the students themselves. Examples: Tidal current [Faro 2012], new materials in sports equipment [LLN 2013], synergy between architecture & structures [LLN 2014], how to make beer [Gliwice, Poland 2014], …

  • « The topic was really interesting and the event was really well organized. I made new friends and I learnt a lot about Arquitecture and constructions. I improved my English too and I really enjoyed all my time there » .[Summer course participant 2014]
  • After being asked what they like most:
    • « Visiting construction sites and laboratories. Doing case studies at school. Seeing belgian student life. » [Summer course participant 2012]
      • « Atmosphere between participants and organisers, great weekend trips, very interesting academical part connected with my faculty. » [Summer course participant 2013]

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The second one is cultural. When you travel, you’ll get to see the cities from a local point of view. You’ll discover the secret bars, the best food, cheap students hangouts. On top of that, they’ll most probably be your friend by the time they show you around. When going on a summer course you’ll discover the local culture in multiple ways. Here in Louvain-la-neuve we bring our participants to visit Bruxelles/Bruges as well as having cultural evenings.

 » I really liked the visits, the day at the lake and Brugge. » [Summer course participant 2014]

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The third one is a company axis. BEST strives to be a link between students, universities & companies. We thus focus on having a strong contact with companies throughout company visits,  presentations, job fairs or any other opportunities. It’s really fun to see all the differents possibilities of large companies but also the specialities of a small spin-off.

The fourth one is the BEST spirit. All trough the event we strive to create a group ‘feeling’ which is undoubtedly the strongest force of BEST. After a summer course you’ll have friends all over Europe and you can trust us, you’ll go and visit them (Thank you Ryanair!).

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We take our stickers with us everywhere we go [Barcelona, Budapest, …]970653_10151831035908453_54800682_n1370506_10151865252619841_1287761431_n


  • « This was my first BEST Course and my first BEST experience. Thanks for all, you were my family during two weeks and this is amazing! Thanks for showing me the BEST spirit. LLN organaizers, you are awesome! » [Summer course participant 2013]
  • « The best part was to meet and have fun with students from all over Europe! And to get introduced to Belgium. » [Summer course participant 2014]


A lot of BEST members have this motto:

‘Choose your playground, mine is Europe’

You’ll realize very quickly that we live up to our values:

Flexibility, friendship, fun, improvement & learning

See you in Europe!

Board of European Students of Technology
Board of European Students of Technology